I love being organized. You can call me all the names in the book, but nothing warms my heart like the perfect storage product to house my belongings. I tend to twitch in ecstasy when my living spaces are perfectly organized with neat and affordable storage products.

Lo and behold, I give you Now & Zen. These guys got it right and then some!!!

We all love an organized shower space and Now & Zen has a great range of shower caddies to meet everyone’s storage requirements. They have it all down pat with various caddy types, materials, and finishes to suit your design aesthetic. I’m hoping the stunning options below will get you to their stores or shopping on their site asap!

Over the shower-head caddy

This design is amazing in its efficient use of space. You don’t need to worry about a complicated installation or additional money spent to set it up. You simply need to hook it over your shower head and you are good to go. The caddies are designed keeping in mind the various health care products available in stores, so you don’t have to worry about ‘THAT bottle of shampoo’ that won’t fit in its basket and will end up on a ledge! Also (and this was a big one for me), the caddies come with at least two baskets and two hooks along with drainage holes so that they dry quickly. You can check out their website for a variety of designs for your space.

Over shower head caddy    Over shower head caddy     Powder coated over the shower head caddy          

Now & Zen has variants made from aluminium and stainless steel that are chrome coated and/or powder coated. There is a Bamboo variant as well that is just fabulous (and a personal favourite that makes me think of a date at the spa!)

Bamboo shower caddy Over the door shower caddy

Over the door shower caddy

This variant is a great option as well. All you need to do is hook it over your door and its ready to use. There are models with different basket sizes at varying heights, so there is something for everyone. The black onyx and stainless-steel variants are a personal favourite with their classic lines and effortlessly chic design. If you are new to organizing, I think these models are a great place to start while you figure out your evolving needs. Now & Zen will always have new products and designs when you do decide you need a change!

Over the door shower caddy Over the shower caddy OTD Shower Caddy

Adjustable Shower Caddy

Both the over the door model and the over the shower head model come with an adjustable variant. This model provides a space-efficient storage solution for virtually any shower or bath. The adjustable shelves can be moved so that you can play around with their placement to suit your storage needs. If you go in prepared knowing what products you will be storing, there is no way you can lose with this one!

Adjustable shower caddyAdjustable shower caddy Adjustable shower caddy

I hope I’ve managed to pique your interest enough to go and check out these amazing products on their website. There is a joy in living in a well-organized space and Now & Zen is on its way to making that a reality for all of us! The brand is focused on helping you declutter your living and work spaces while providing you with chic products and customised solutions to achieve this goal.  Go on and live a little. Check out Now & Zen, you know you want to! :)

(Post written by Christina Koland. She is a professional organizer. She love helping others succeed by sharing the knowledge)