We all go through a crazy cleaning spree around the holidays. Whether it is to organize and pretty up the house or hide away evidence of our cluttered lives from mothers and in-laws, we all have a few frazzled days before the holiday and festival season where we race to the finish line to spruce up the house. All of our stuff gets boxed up, stuffed in available nooks and crannies, or given away. The latter being especially hard because it is difficult to part with things and there is a tendency to get rid of stuff on a whim and regret it later. Now & Zen wants to step in and eliminate all the hassle and heartbreak in a jiffy.

At Now & Zen, the focus is to provide you with curated solutions to help de-clutter your living spaces. The aim is to help you revamp and organize your home without the hasty decision making.

Let’s get down to the basics. Most of the time, a huge amount of de-cluttering and organizing take place in kids’ rooms. There is always so much to put away while also hoping it stays neat (one can dream!). Now & Zen has kid-friendly storage options that can be used through the year. Plus, with the right routine, you can get your kids to easily clean after themselves!

Storage Tubs   Storage Tubs   Storage tubs basket

These storage tubs are made of durable plastic with integrated handles and deep sides. They are easy to clean and can be quickly moved from one space to the next. So, if you’re looking to quickly drop your kid’s toys in the garage, this will make the move a breeze. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors so there is something for everyone. You can always get creative with a label gun and have a tub for each child. This will give them a sense of ownership and a specific space to store their toys and kid ‘junk.’

These tubs are versatile and can also double as laundry baskets. There’s nothing like a good laundry basket to help get through the mundane chore. Plus, you can use these tubs for storing towels in your laundry room. Basically, the versatility of this product lets you use it as you see fit. There is no wrong way so go forth and be creative!

 Rattan laundry basket                                        Flexi storage Tubs   

Since we did touch on the topic of laundry, we want to emphasize how clothing, linen, and any apparel can be efficiently stored and packed away during the festive season. Our products are so versatile that you can use them year round to great effectiveness. Now & Zen has a great suite of products that can serve you well and in various capacities. The storage tubs mentioned above are great for housing your linen by type. You can have separate, labeled tubs for towels, bed linen, curtains, and the like. This makes it easy for you to find the right piece when in a hurry. We specifically recommend the tubs below as they are wide and deep enough to house stacks of linen comfortably.

Under bed storage tubs

These tubs work as great storage for seasonal clothing as well. You can always put them away and reach for them and their contents when the right weather comes along. We have some vacuum storage bags that work well to protect seasonal clothing (yes, we know what you’re thinking. We have everything you need and more!).

vaccum storage bags

Don’t give away prized pieces of clothing with great memories attached to them just because you have storage or organizing problems. Now & Zen is here to help!

In case you are looking for larger storage options that can also double as furniture, look no further than our stackable storage boxes. These babies are the best option for storing your belongings while ensuring they are well categorized and in one location. They are clear so you can see what’s inside without having to upend the entire box. Plus, with some light decor, you can pretty these up and display them to the public.

Flip over storage boxes Stoarge box with flip lid

These boxes eliminate the hassle of having to find a space to ‘hide’ all your boxes. They are easy on the eyes and also ensure that things stowed away in a hurry are easily identifiable via the clear design. This completely ends the ‘where did I put it?’ issue that usually arises once the extended family guests have left and your belongings are untraceable.

We have a similar product that is well suited for quickly storing linens and other apparel. We’d like to highlight that this is a recommendation but you can store whatever you need in these pieces!

Stackable drawer boxes     Stackable drawer boxes

A couple of racks, like the ones below, in your garage with the right storage containers and you end up with a clean, organized home. Throw in a few labels and you’re good to go!

shelving system and storage boxes   elfa shelving system and storage boxes

Our stackable storage containers with the locking lids and wheels are great to move your stuff from the house to the garage/basement. You can house them on these racks and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

stackable storage container with lid  stackable storage container with lid stackable storage container with lid

Now & Zen prides itself on efficient use of space and we have some cool options for hasty storage. Look no further than these products that can be easily slid under a bed and away from prying eyes. You can quickly spruce up a bedroom by storing all your stuff here. The shoe box is to die for and is a must have!

Under bed storage container and boxes  Under bed storage container and boxes  Under bed storage container and boxes

Now & Zen wants to reassure you that with the right storage, you can have an amazing, organized space that houses all your belongings and more. You don’t need to worry about hastily giving away prized possessions or crumbling under the weight of seasonal de-cluttering. You can store your belongings right and hold on to those amazing memories until the time comes to pass them on. You can visit our retail stores and consult with our staff on the best solutions for you. We are here to offer expert advice and a shoulder to lean on when it comes to identifying the best way to organize. Once you get the hang of things, you can visit our website and pick and choose what products suit you best. Give yourself and us a chance this festive season! Come visit us and know that your memories will be well cared for and treasured!